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Wisconsin woman sues Delta over 'Best Fare Guarantee'

A Wisconsin woman is suing Delta Air Lines in federal court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin over the company's "Best Fare Guarantee." She is claiming, among other things, breach of contract and fraud, asserting that Delta actually hides the lowest fares from its customers.

The company's guarantee says that customers will get the cheapest available fares on Delta if they book through the airline's website. The policy states, "If you find a lower published fare for the exact same Delta itinerary as the ticket you purchased on delta.com, you have the choice of either receiving credit for the difference in fares and a $100 travel voucher or receive a refund for your ticket."

Meat industry merger protested in Wisconsin

A desired merger has been announced between The Hillshire Brands Co and Tyson Foods, Inc. These are two giants in food production, especially when it comes to the processed meat industry. Hillshire started out in Wisconsin, originally.

However, not everyone wants to see the merger go through. Many are afraid that allowing these two companies to combine will create a monopoly so that the resulting company will have far too much control over the meat market. In protesting this, those who are worried about the merger are asking the government to examine the situation.

2 new bills could protect trade secrets

Trade secrets are usually things that are not able to be protected under patent laws, so companies hold them so closely that they do not even give the information to the government to apply for a patent. However, if those trade secrets are then stolen or compromised, the current laws may not be set up very well to protect them.

Examples of trade secrets abound. While many of them are connected to technological advancements, there are some that have been around for decades. For example, the formula that Coca Cola uses to make its soft drinks is a complete secret from everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Wisconsin bankruptcy

Anyone facing bankruptcy is going to have a lot of questions. These are some of the most common ones that are asked, and it is important to take a look at the answers before filing for personal bankruptcy, business bankruptcy or anything else along those lines.

1. What are the benefits of bankruptcy?

Wisconsin bowling alleys close doors, prior Chapter 11 bankruptcy

People who enjoy bowling for fun or in leagues might soon find that they have to find another way to pass the time because bowling lanes are closing. Bowling has long been a beloved sport. In the 1960s, when the sport was at its peak, there were around 12,000 bowling centers. By 2011, the United States Bowling Congress reports that certified centers around the country numbered only around 5,160.

In Waukesha and South Milwaukee, the AMF bowling centers, both of which were large, have closed their doors. This comes on the heels of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing that occurred less than two years ago. In an effort to keep the centers open, AMF and Strike Holdings LLC merged into a new company. The bowling centers that recently closed in Wisconsin were some of the 300 bowling centers the company put up for sale. Sadly, no buyers for the centers were found.

Credit union merger could benefit Wisconsin members

Advia Credit Union and Southwest Michigan Federal Credit Union might soon be joining forces help provide better services to people in several states, including Wisconsin. The two entities have approved a partnership with intent to merge agreement. Finalization of the deal is expected to occur in the fall of this year.

Before the deal can be finalized, the members of the SMFCU have to vote on the merger. It is also subject to regulatory approval. It isn't expected that the merger will result in job loss or branch closures. If the deal is finalized, the merged entity will have assets of more than $1.1 billion and over 110,000 members.

China attempts to steal corn trade secrets

It may sound like something right out of a spy novel, but Wisconsin readers might be interested to know that even our farm products may be subject to unfair competition. Most of us would probably be surprised to find someone sneaking through a cornfield and stealing corn seeds for DNA purposes, but it is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Recently, a Chinese woman was involved in a group that was doing just that in Iowa and Illinois.

The Chinese woman is the wife of the chairman of a company, which is known in the U.S. as DNB Group or its subsidiaries. The official name of the company is Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co. The woman, who is a Chinese citizen, was in charge of DNB Group’s research project management team from 2001 to 2009. This past Wednesday, she was arrested on charges of “conspiracy to steal trade secrets” in Des Moines, Iowa.

In less than 6 months, Quiznos emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When a national franchise announces that it is filing for bankruptcy, people who frequent the stores likely start to think the worst. In some cases, however, business bankruptcy is a useful tool that can help the business to take charge of debts that are otherwise unsurmountable. That is exactly what happened when Quiznos filed for bankruptcy in March.

The company, which actually operates only seven restaurants, has reduced its debt load by over $400 million. It has now emerged from bankruptcy in less than half a year after restructuring the company's finances.

Paper mill merger might be on hold after credit downgrade

The merger of NewPage Corp. and Verso Paper Corp. has hit a snag that might result in some bad news for Wisconsin residents. Just recently, the credit rating for Verso's has been downgraded by Moody's Investor Services. It is now listing the company one that could potentially default on debts.

Some are saying that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy might help to take some of the pressure off of the company. If that is the case, a business bankruptcy could help to keep mills open. That would probably be welcome news for Wisconsin residents who rely on these mills for income.

Deals for mergers become interesting for Hillshire Farms

When a business decides to merge with another business, things aren't always a sure bet until the merger is a done deal. A recent announcement by Hillshire Brands shows that there are some instances where a deal might be ended if something more favorable comes along.

Hillshire Brands was in the midst of a deal with Pinnacle Foods, but the board of Hillshire Brands doesn't recommend that the merger go through now. The $6.6 billion deal between Hillshire and Pinnacle was criticized by many who didn't feel the deal was a good option.